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An eFoil or Electric Hydrofoil, is a battery powered surfboard with a remote controlled motor for thrust and a hydrofoil for lift. This dream machine allows you to fly over water just like the hoverboard from Back To The Future! With eFoil Waikiki you will experience a fun, safe, and professional eFoil experience. Our step by step progressive lesson plan is designed for students of all skill levels and ages 13 and up. 100% of our clients have had success and have managed to kneeSurf and stand during their first lesson! Most students are confidently eFoiling after 30-60 min of lessons. No surf experience is needed but having board sports balance will help you progress faster from eSurfing to eFoiling.

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From beginner to expert adventurers, we have packages for anyone looking to experience something new in Hawaii.  In addition to our three most popular packages,offer customized lesson packages to tailor the perfect experience for you! Groups are never combined so your lessons will always be private. Your party is our only priority during your lesson!

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Solo mid length efoil experience $199

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Group Mid Length eFoil experience $149 each.

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eFoil supervised rentals $149-$199

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Solo Full Length Lesson $249.

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Group Full Lenght eFoil Lesson $239 each

custom efoil packages

customize your own package

FAQ About eFoil


Are there any age restrictions?


Ages 13 and up are welcome to e foil with parent or guardian present.

Is there a weight limit / restrictions?


We offer a variety of lesson options, including our new Big and Tall option, allowing for individuals from 200 to 275 Lb to take lessons with us! Unfortunately, due to manufacturer restrictions, we are not able to offer lessons to those over 275 lbs at this time. Our weight restriction of 200 Lb is our max weight limit for our listed menu prices. Because of extra equipment requirements, our Big and Tall lessons do cost an additional $49.


What is an eFoil?


eFoil or Electric Hydrofoil Boards. Are battery powered surfboards with a remote controlled motor for thrust and a hydrofoil for lift. This dream machine allows you to fly over water just like the hoverboard from Back To The Future!


Do I need to know how to surf to eFoil?


No. Most of our students have little to no surfing background or skills.


How hard is it to eFoil?


eFoiling is easier than surf lessons and way more exciting! EFoils are battery powered and require little to no cardio endurance and strength unlikeSurfing. All you need is a little bit of flexibility / balance and the desire to have fun!  No surfing or board sports experience is needed.


How long does it normally take to eFoil ?


We have had 100% of our students *Knee Foil and then stand up and *E Surf during their first 5-15 min of lessons! And most students are moderately E Foiling after 30 min and confidently E Foiling after 60 min of lessons.*No surf experience is needed. But having board sports balance will help you progress faster from E Surfing to E Foiling.


Is eFoiling safe?


There is always risk involved in any outdoor water sport activity but it is safer than surf lessons and our business has a 100% safety rating!
Because our lessons are taught in a secluded area away from all reefs, eFoiling is safer than stand up paddleSurfing lessons or traditional surfing lessons. We also require all students to wear safety equipment.


What safety equipment is provided, and how do you keep students safe?


We provide students with a life jacket and radio helmet for faster and safer progression.Most importantly, you will have the safest available eFoil equipment and step by step instruction. Our instruction starts off with a comprehensive land training class and is followed by continued safe, step by step instruction out on the water. All of our instructors are CPR, AED, and first-aid certified, as well as trained in ocean safety and boating safety.


South Shore E- foil location 15-25 min from Waikiki

1440 Sand Island Parkway, Honolulu, HI 96819


Park in the spots for “vehicle parking” only

Please call us when you arrive and park.

Meet with your instructor at Ke’ehi beach left of the boat ramp.

text: 808-400-6449

call: 808-400-6449


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