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efoil group packages

Group Mid Length eFoil Experience $149 each.

Group Mid Length efoil Experience $149 Each

  • Up to 10 participants per group (call if more than 4 participants)
  • 15-30 min of ground school
  • Three 10 min water runs each, 30 min total water time per student
  • 1 eFoil per 2 students *take turns
  • Minimum 2 or more students per group lesson booking
  •  *Perfect for senior citizens, inactive & budget minded students.

*Total lesson run time approximately 1.5-2Hrs.


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Solo Mid Length eFoil Experience $199


  • Up to 4 participants per experience (call if more than 2 participants)
  • 15-30 min of ground school
  • Three 10 min water runs, 30 min total water time guaranteed
  • Two 5 min breaks are not counted against your water time
  • 1 eFoil per student.                           
  • *Perfect for average shape and age student that want to expereience efoiling 

*Total lesson run time is approximately 1-1.5 Hrs.



efoil renting

Solo 120 min Full Length Lesson $299.

  • Up to 4 participants per lesson (call if more than 2 participants)
  • 15-30 min of ground school
  • Three 20 min water runs, 60 min total water time guaranteed
  • Two 5 min breaks are not counted against your water time
  • 1 eFoil per student.                           
  • *Perfect for average shape and age student that want to dig their teeth fully into efoiling in just one lesson. 

*Total lesson run time is approximately 90-120 min.


efoil renting

Solo 120 min Full Length Lesson $249.

Customize Your Own Package

custom efoil packages

customize your own package

Perfect for birthdays / corporate events / special occasions.

We can customize any group size (2 or more) or change a solo lesson into a semi-private lesson. We can also customize the lesson runtime. Call to setup custom expereience!

Common Request Examples:

Large private groups, with additional water time per student

-Two solo students wanting to take lessons together change to a semi-private lesson with additional water time

*Total lesson run time can be customized


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custom efoil packages

customize your own package

Gift Cards Available

eFoil gift card

eFoil gift cards

Perfect for birthdays / corporate events / special occasions.

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eFoil gift card

eFoil gift cards


Additional questions continued from Homepage. We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you do not see on here. Feel free to click on the Contact Us page or just call us and we’ll be happy to have a conversation with you.

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Is E Foil safe?

There is always risk involved in any outdoor water sport activity. But it’s our business to do our best to keep you safe! We have had over 2000 students and we have yet to have 1 student need medical attention from an injury caused during a lesson. So, your odds of getting injured are less than 1 in 2000 ; )

What safety equipment is provided, and how do you keep students safe?

We provide you with a radio helmet so that your coach is in constant contact with you. You will be fitted with a life jacket and whistle. Most importantly,  you will have the safest available E Foil equipment. And step by step instruction starting off with a comprehensive land training class. Followed by continued safe, step by step instruction out on the water. All of our instructors are CPR, AED, and first-aid certified, as well as trained in ocean safety and boating safety.

How much do you charge?
  • Group 120Min Half Length Lesson  $149 Each
  • Solo 90 MIN Half Length Lesson $199.
  • Solo 120 Min Full Length Lesson $249
how much is an E Foil and Why are they so expensive?

E Foils cost between $5,000-$20,000. E foils are constructed with carbon fiber, lithium ion batteries, wireless computers, electric motors, magic and fairy dust for flight. All working in perfect harmony to create an amazing and new water sport experience. The real question should be. Why don’t they cost even more.!?

Are there any age restrictions?

Ages 10 and up are welcome to e foil with parent or guardian present.

Is there a weight limit / restrictions?

BIG and TALL 200 LB to 275 lb students Lesson Option Now Available!

Our weight restriction of 200 lb is our max weight limit for our listed menu prices.

Because larger riders will consume 2 times the batteries as an average 175-195 lb student. And are at higher risk of bending / damaging the equipment. We need to charge a little more. For just an extra $49 you can join us for an E foil lesson if you are 200-275 lb.

What is an E FOIL?

E foil or  Electric Hydrofoil Boards. Are battery powered surfboards with a remote controlled motor for thrust and a hydrofoil for lift. This dream machine allows you to fly over water just like the hoverboard from Back To The Future !

is foil surfing the same as e foiling ?

Foil surfing and E Foiling are different. E foils are easy. And have a battery, motor, remote control, foil , and board. E foils don’t require a wave and work best in flat water. Foil surfing is tricky. And have just and board and foil and requires waves.

How hard is it to E Foil?

E Foiling is easier than surf lessons and way more exciting! E Foiles are battery powered and require no cardio endurance and strength unlike surfing. All you need is a little bit of flexibility / balance and the desire to have fun!  No surfing or board sports experience is needed.



Do I need to know how to surf to E Foil?

No. Most of our students have little to no surfing background or skills. *But if you do have some suring or board sports background you will normally progress faster from E Surfing to E foiling.

How to prepare for your E Foil session?

How to prepare: Pre Lesson Checklist:-sign our online waiver form by clicking the link here #### or clicking the link in your lesson confirmation email. -Watch our full length lesson prep video: E Foiling made easy with E foil Waikiki. This video is designed for you to understand and practice all the maneuvers you will need to E Foil at home or in your hotel room. A yoga mat or carpeting is recommended for practicing, but not required.
-Bring a towel, your swimwear and wetsuit / booties if you get cold easily. If you don’t have a wetsuit we can provide a wetsuit 2mm wetsuit top for a cleaning fee of $10.-Bring some water and a snack. E Foiling is easy but it is outside in the Hawaiian sun

What to wear during your lesson?

Comfortable swimwear, and reef friendly sunblock is all you need. If you have a wetsuit and booties we recommend you bring it just in case there are clouds. But it is not needed. If you’d like to rent a wetsuit top we have them available for just a small $10 cleaning fee and booties for a $5 cleaning fee.

can you give me an example of an average lesson expectation

You will experience a fun, safe and professional E-foil lesson. Our step by step progresive lesson plan is designed for students of all skill levels with no surf experience needed.
Lessons start off with 15-30 min of land school. You will learn on our balance board “e-foil simulator” how to control your center of gravity and maneuver the e-foil in the 3 riding positions + remote operation. We will also review water safety and boating safety guidelines.

Water / Board time begins with your coach located on land, or in the water. Communicating and in constant contact via your radio helmet. During your 1st run you will be instructed on the basics. Belly ride, knee ride and knee foiling, then pop up and E Surfing. On your 2nd run you will practice your pop up and E Surfing then touch and go foiling. On your 3rd run you will practice longer controlled e foiling. And on your 4th run we will work to fine tune your E Foiling and have even more fun with foiling carving and turning.
Lesson progression is dependent on your ability to move step by step through the course. Until you can do step 1 and 2 you can’t safely move onto step 3 and 4. The time it takes for each step usually depends on your age, athleticism, flexibility, balance and board sports experience.

If I'd like to get into SUP/surf or hand wing foiling. Is it best to take an e foil lesson first?

YES, SUP/surf and wing foiling are incredibly difficult without having any e foiling training first. but with some e foiling training and a safe foil surfing instructor from Foil Surfing Hawaii. we will have you Foil surfing or wing foiling in no time

* Call Us to Save Money on online booking fees and get the lesson that fits your needs and budget best.

Kamaaina,Military,Student Discount W/ID

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