Fliteboard ULTRA L2


Blurs the line between eFoil and surf foil. Our lightest, slimmest and most hydrodynamically efficient, it’s at home in the surf.

 MN Carbon Wave eFoil System

The smallest, lowest drag eFoil motor on the market, for advanced riders who prioritize flying using the power of swell. Formed from Japanese high modulus pre-preg carbon fiber, this surfing focused eFoil has an extremely narrow 46mm fuselage and 40mm motor.

Flite Folding Propellor

Flite Folding Prop is the ultimate choice for surfing enthusiasts. The intelligent design automatically streamlines, folding back when you release the Flite Controller throttle to reduce drag and ensure maximum glide efficiency. The folding blades are designed specifically for advanced riders who love to harness the power of the ocean or the wake of a boat.

Wave 850 C Wing

Wave 850C features a low drag conical interface and is compatible with the both MN and Performance eFoil ranges. A smaller advanced surfing wing for lighter riders, giving you extra speed and agility for wave riding.

Flow 245 C Stabilizer

Flow 245C is a conical stabilizer compatible with both MN and Performance eFoil ranges. This loose stabilizer allows good glide for wave riding. Designed to be paired with the Flow wing range.

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Ride the future!

We dreamed of an eFoil so light, agile and responsive, it feels like an unpowered surf foil.

ULTRA L2 blurs the line between eFoil and surf foil. Impossibly light, slim, stiff and hydrodynamically efficient, it performs like nothing else.

Less weight. More performance.

By centralizing the mass of the battery over the mast and narrowing the shape of the board we minimized the swing weight of ULTRA L2. The result is an eFoil that effortlessly transfers from edge to edge, allowing for deeper carves and sharper cutbacks.

Honed into an even narrower and slightly longer form.

Designed with steep takeoffs and sharp turns in mind. ULTRA L2 has evolved into a slimmer board, boasting enhanced responsiveness and agility allowing seamless transitions and touchdowns.

Additional information

Board Colour



MN Carbon 82cm, MN Carbon Wave 82cm


Prop, True Glide, MN Jet

Wing Sets

Cruiser jet 1500 + 300, MN 1300 C 1500 + 245 C, Flow 110 C +245 C, Wave 850 C + 245 C


Nano, Sport


Slow Charger, Fast Charger


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